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sure do. lions, bears, tigers, eagles, cardinals. >> i guess mine would be ducklings, piglets, dogs. we've picked the best. first up, bacon buddies check out the little pig with the wheelchair and his furry friend walking around. chris was born without the use of his legs but clearly, he's a little happy one. then he goes through the agility course. okay. maybe not. next, a sleepy quack. ♪ >> students, you are not alone. even this little duckling is getting sleeping in class. ♪ >> but the real question is, what is he doing in a costume? ♪ >> lastly, all low wean is near -- halloween is near and these kittens are ready, dressing up as some tootty rolls -- tootsie rolls and apparently they are playing. >> you know, i'm going making it a point never to follow kittens dressed as tootsie rolls. let's get out of here. thanks for watching the list. >>> for tomorrow -- >> wonder what the pomegranate knit or ugly fruit tastes like? go ahead. your supermarket wants you to try the produce for free. tomorrow on "the list." free. job smart with sup et secrets. tomorrow on "the list." >>> what'
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1